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Meet The Team

For over 25 years Broadwater have been designing and delivering great learning experiences. We're a consultancy not a training company. We want you to have a conversation about work that you wouldn't normally have. And we want that to lead to something better.
We have lots of specialists we bring in when they're needed but here are our core team of partners.


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Adrian is a founding Director of Broadwater and facilitator and coach in his own right. In his own words “ I divide my time between managing the business our strategy and focus and working with our clients helping them make a difference”.


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Simon has been involved in learning and development with teams and individuals for 30 years; he really likes the nitty gritty of what makes things tick. Sometimes in the background, sometimes at the front of a Broadwater programme, but always working at how to make it the best for people.


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Andy's approach is a straightforward one – to help people work out what they need, why they need it and then learn how to achieve it. Then (like the rest of the team) he'll find creative, experiential approaches to learning that are proven to work in applied settings.


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Jo believes that personal growth and development are fundamental to human wellbeing. He is an executive-level coach skilled at working with those that are facing major challenges or who need to think differently about where they are now and where they might wish to be.


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Kathy is a powerful and perceptive coach/facilitator. With over 25 years experience she has supported both individuals and teams form a wide range of organisations.


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James’s expertise is focused on helping leaders and teams work out what they're really after and what they need to do to get there.  An executive leadership consultant and management development facilitator, James has worked for for well-known retail, logistics and utility businesses.


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Lynda looks after the numbers, money and infrastructure that keeps Broadwater running smoothly. Lynda is a school governor, a successful sports coach, treasurer and parent.

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